Disaster Hub Website

Disaster Hub website is designed to consolidate and display information from various sources to help the Public and Disaster Agencies in making informed decisions before and during and emergency.

Home Page

The home page displays a summary of Disaster information and related links .

Maps Page

  • The maps page displays a map of the Sunshine Coast Council region with surrounding regions are greyed out.
  • The tick box must be checked and continue selected before the Maps page will enable.

Flood Mapping Layers

  • Flood mapping layers can be selected and displayed on the map.
  • There are two categories of flood maps. Only one can be selected at a time.
    • Riverine Flood Map - contains four layers which displays the hazards related to four flood event likelihoods:
      • Extreme
      • Major
      • Moderate
      • Minor
    • Storm Tide Map - displays possible inundation due to a storm tide surge.
  • Development Areas - Where areas have recently been developed and earthworks have occurred, this will affect the extent of flooding. These areas have been removed from the mapping and will be re-included when new regional flood modelling is available that incorporates the as-constructed development terrain information.

Map Layer Colours

The description for each map layer colour is contained in the information dialogue for that layer.


  • Collapse Menu / 'Hamburger' Button - This symbol controls how the left hand column collapses and expands.
  • Information about the map feature is displayed when selecting this icon. The icon is only displayed when the feature is active.
  • Hide / Show Button - This button controls how the Map Layers column collapses and expands.
  • Slider Bar - The slider bar allows the selection of several types of events. The Green vertical line on the left hand side shows which item is hovered over. The Bold text shows which item is selected.
  • ON / OFF Buttons- This buttons display which layers are selected.
  • Interactive Map window
    • Map Type - This control selects the map type.
    • Scale - This indicates the scale of the map and will change with the zoom level.
    • Zoom - This zooms in to more detail or out to less detail.
    • Pan - This control navigates around the map at the same zoom level.